Are you working on a grant proposal related to Wikipedia and education? Seeking funding for a research project on some aspect of Wikipedia? Want to host a Wikipedia workshop or edit-a-thon at your institution? Need feedback on your proposal or want some advice on how to proceed? Wiki Education staff are available as consultants to review grant proposals, program plans, and other documents related to Wikipedia and education.

Wiki Education staff are the world’s leading experts in programs tying educational institutions to Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia. Since 2010, we’ve started programs from scratch, scaled programs, adapted based on challenges, and learned a lot along the way — all while ensuring our efforts support both Wikipedia content development and the learning objectives of our participants. We know how to make Wikipedia initiatives successful, and how to avoid common pitfalls that derail well-intentioned efforts. Whatever stage of the project you’re in, we’re happy to offer our expertise as consultants. The fees we charge go directly to helping us scale our own programmatic initiatives.

Building on our staff’s combined decades of experience in facilitating Wikipedia work with educational institutions, we will offer constructive feedback on your draft or help you craft an idea to incorporate Wikipedia programming into your work. Based on your individual needs, we will pair you with the staff person who has the most relevant expertise to your project. For an hourly consulting fee, we offer:

  • Video conference project planning meetings
  • Grant proposal draft critique
  • Program plan feedback
  • Other program consulting regarding Wikipedia projects as requested

Fees will be waived for any consulting on grant proposals that include a stipend for Wiki Education to collaborate on your project. Fees will also be waived for any Wikimedia organization, as part of our participation in the global Wikimedia community.

For more information on fitting our consulting services to your individual needs, reach out to with details of what you’re looking for.

Note: All projects we consult on must follow Wikipedia’s rules and guidelines, including conflict of interest. We do not support projects designed to get your business or organization represented on Wikipedia.